With Nomaphelo Sayedwa, dentistry Master’s student, UWC and Babalwa Magwa, Community Development Coordinator, Masiphumelele
With Nomaphelo Sayedwa, dentistry Master’s student, UWC and Babalwa Magwa, Community Development Coordinator

Elke Geising - Facilitating Women’s Self-Actualization Inter-cultural communication has been my lifelong dream and agency. Leaving my village of birth in Northern Germany after High School, I studied, worked and engaged in many parts of the world.

First as a psychologist in Switzerland and New York, then as global telecommunications executive and business owner on nearly all continents.

For many years I led Nala-Partners for Entrepreneurship,aiming to empower South African women with business start-up mentoring and often funding. I still do but as a private person today. People from Europe, America, Asia and here have collaborated and donated in many ways.

Now I engage as mentor for women’s self-actualization. My present focus is building bridges between societies and cultures. As a member of the Independent Afghan women’s Association(IAWA.e.V.), I work on the Kabul to Cape Town initiative for the academic advancement of women.

And, as a descendent of a culture which committed gross human rights violations, I work here in South Africa on healing dialogue across racial, gender, socio-economic and faith boundaries.

The dialogue theme is: taking responsibility beyond shame, guilt anger or fear to listen to each other and build together. My book “Can We Talk … Will I Listen? captures my dialogue work with young South Africans on discrimination racism and the journey towards healing.


IAWA - Independent Afghan Women Association e.V.

Study Group on Intergenerational Consequences of the Holocaust, Germany

December 8 – 12 2012, International Conference on:
  • Engaging the Other
  • Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of Repetition
  • Presentation of Film & Discussion: Embracing Responsibility Beyond Shame and Guilt: A Descendant of Nazi Germany Engaging the Past through Dialogue with Young South Africans - Elke Geising (Cape Town)

  • Workshop at the South African – German Chamber of Commerce, Pretoria, 2010

    Healing Dialogue: Holocaust Foundation, Cape Town, 2012 – 2014
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    past work